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As we cover in chapter 5 of our get your ffl course, ffls must maintain various records related to atf compliance. Some operate their business with quickbooks while others rely on robust erp and pos business systems such as axis pos and gun range software, sap and oracle. Regardless of ffl size and business system, the desire for integration between atf applications such as an electronic bound. Easy bound book keeps you in full compliance with no hassle. The bureau does not issue blanket approvals for commercially available software programs nor does it endorse any particular product. The system must retain any correction as an entirely new entry, without deleting or modifying the.

Ffl tools is simply the best, easiest to use ffl management software available. Replace the manual bound book inventory system with the most advanced software available, the aimi systems builtin eform 4473, the first paperless e4473. Whether standalone or integrated to your accounting, your bound book becomes a. The electronic acquisition and disposition bound book software must track.

The gun storemaster fast4473 system automates some of the largest firearm retailers in the country and for good reason. Top three criteria ffls use for selecting bound book software. Endorsed by silencer shop, primary arms, psa, aim surplus. With data verification in the acquisition and disposition processes, and the electronic creation of 4473s and other required atf forms, ffl tools helps to eliminate errors in your bound book with. All other records and forms are automated through the retail sales process. It is the book where every single firearm acquisition by the ffl holder is. The following are three important considerations when selecting an electronic bound book provider for your federal firearms license.

Use our ffl bound book to quickly generate reports that satisfy the requirements of alcohol, tobacco and firearms atf. Unlimited number of file ffl bound books created and maintained. Free ffl bound book software keyword found websites. Unlike most of the ffl bound book software systems, we are an ffl dealer. Our systems also comply with atf ruling 20108 manufacturer requirements and atf ruling 20111 importers requirements. This program appears to be very robust and everything a firearm dealer would want in a electronic bound book and 4473. Gun shop software firearms dealer software ffl dealer. All requests for a computerized recordkeeping variance must be sent to the director of industry. Product solutions easy bound book flexible ffl software. Checkout our best ffl software comparison to see how it ranks against other atf bound book solutions.

Top 10 features of ffl tools in no particular order. We dont sell you software unless it improves your compliance. Rapid gun systems is a certified ncr counterpoint pointofsale reseller and systems integrator providing software, hardware, installation, training, and support for gun stores, gun ranges, and gunsmithing businesses in north america. Rapid gun systems firearm point of sale system and pos.

The taskoriented workflow asks for information in a calculated order so you collect everything you need and dont fill out repetitive information like the serial number of the firearm or the sellers name, which saves time. Designed by an ffl, legal advice with an ffl and used by types 01, 07, 08, 09. The gun storemaster esafe electronic bound book makes managing firearm transactions a snap when compared to handwritten or even other electronic bound book systems. We bring technology and regulation together in one place. Pos business software for gun and shooting range stores. Ffl boss is the highest rated ffl software available. Together celerant, fastbound and fflguard, offer firearm dealers a compliant and straightforward retail solution for point of sale, electronic bound books, electronic 4473 and more. Atf 20161 compliant software is different than ffl compliance when it comes to selecting an electronic bound book, consideration needs to be given, not only to compliance with atf ruling 20161, as so many. Its only fairly recently 2016that electronic recordkeeping has been allowed by the batfe here in the u. Learn more about compliant 4473, nics and bound book transactions. Ffl secure cloudbased ffl management software bound book, transfers, scheduling, reporting. The aimi ebook environment is a broad sweep of applications for ffls, retailers, manufacturers, pawn stores, ranges, importers, nfa, and others in the firearms industry.

One is that the software must include an integrated backup system. Ffl boss was developed and is managed by three ffl dealers. Background check integration fbi nics echeck, colorado instacheck, california dealer record of sale, illinois state police, oregon firearms instant check system fics. Whether you are a large dealer operating your firearms business with stratus enterprise, or a smaller dealer using cumulus retail, celerants partnership with fastbound and fflguard provides dealers with peace of mind by offering. Fflbizhub electronic bound book and atf eforms orchid. Fflbizhub software portal overview orchid advisors. Your data is backed up daily to protect from any data loss. With the inventory report, multiple bound book views, and the quick view report, ffl tools provides all the information an atf auditor will require.

Bookfactory ffl bound bookffl log bookffl record book 100 pages, blacktranslux cover wireo, 11 x 8 12 log100gunw01fflt40. Unlimited number of transactions adding and editing acquisitions. Try fastbound and find out why thousands of ffls including manufacturers, buying groups, distributors, retail stores, dealers, pawn shops, collectors, and law enforcement trust fastbound to create atfcompliant ffl log books, or physical bound books. Stream lined data entry single andor multiple acquisitions dispositions. Our gun store software even handles inventory thats been traded in. Whether standalone or integrated to your accounting, your bound book becomes a business tool that helps you run your firearms business. Brownells partners with coloseum to bring ffl management. Lookbooks for guns is the premier atf compliant electronic log book software system. Brownells offers aimi ebook pro firearms management software at a reduced rate that makes it very affordable for gunsmiths and gunshops to have an electronic bound book.

Advanced systems will have a copy on premise and an additional copy stored in the cloud. Cons dealing with coloseum software has been a total nightmare. Get simple and compliant electronic bound books and 4473. Three versions of ffl software to fit your needs and wants. Whether you are a large dealer operating your firearms business with stratus retail, or a smaller dealer using cumulus retail, celerants new integration. With data verification in the acquisition and disposition processes, and the electronic creation of 4473s and other required atf forms, ffl tools helps to eliminate errors in your bound book. Yes, 4473s for customer purchases are very important too most violations of the law come from these. No more double entry on data save time and reduce errors between your inventory and bound book by integrating fastbound with your existing pos system. The ffl bound book is at the heart of a gun business. Ffl boss is an ffl software application that runs in the cloud, there is no software to download or setup. We offer the only atf e4473, nfa eforms and electronic bound book software that is designed, and optionally migrated and implemented by an atf compliance consulting firm. Egoss your online ffl bound book safe, secure, always on. This state of the art software maintains clear records of your ffl and makes sure youre in line with every applicable ruling. Epicor software solutions enable firearms retailers and other federal firearms licensees to.

Since then, we have made significant enhancements, leading to the first ekiosk available to clients and more than 17 million completed transactions. Atf bound book software for ffl requirements youtube. Import products from industryleading supplier catalogs like rsr group, sports south, and lipseys. This is because every ffl will at some point acquire, and. Unlimited users and unlimited bound books per ffl sot. Some ammunition is more strictly regulated than others. The electronic acquisition and disposition bound book software must track corrections and changes utilizing one of the following methods of tracking changes. Ffl software makes electronic atf bound book record keeping easy.

Our bonus software and a free legal consultation or, learn more about our custom firearms erp pos integration if you sell under 10,000 guns per year, our plans include everything below. This electronic bound book package includes electronic bound book, e4473 nfa eforms, and atf edocuments plus. Coloseum software released the firstofitskind ekiosk interface for conducting firearms transfers and making the e4473 process paperless in 2002. Ffl boss works on windows, macs, ipads, chromeos, tablets or any internet connected device. With a few clicks you will know exactly where your inventory and money is. Keep detailed records of your purchase and sale of firearms, including serial number, make, model etc. Digitizes 4473 applications, automates nics background checks, manages firearms inventory, creates an electronic bound book, and so much more.

We have developed new software to comply with atf new ruling 205 for ffl dealers, manufacturers, and importers. Instantly generate and print reports, including firearms onhand, disposed firearms, or customized lists you decide. Enhance service to customers through streamlined processes and kioskenabled customer forms entry. Ffl boss is atf ruling 20161, atf ruling 20162, atf ruling 20163, atf ruling 20164 and atf ruling 20165 compliant. Egoss is the premier cloud computing solution for ffl log books, giving you fast, secure, alwayson access to your atf mandated acquisition and disposition records. By using ffl software over the internet, you are able to view and work with your bound book even if youre ontheroad, your power went out at your building and you go somewhere else or use a smart phone, or the worst case scenario. Easy bound book comes in three versions, lite, pro and business, to fit your business needs. Youll never have to reenter pewpew, 9mm, from john smiths gun show, or anywhere usa over and over again. We built this for us and other firearms manufacturer, dealers, and importers. It meets all the stringent requirements laid out in batf ruling 20161 for keeping electronic records, and also includes a few new tricks like audit capabilities and picture uploads. The core records for every ffl are the ffl bound books. During our first nocost discussion we will understand your timeline and business objectives, and recommend next steps.

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