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Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Until now, no book has taken a comprehensive look at how to effectively adapt green roof technology to the variable and extreme north american climate, and how to design projects that will function and endure as successfully as those in germany, switzerland, and. Pdf a comprehensive study of green roof performance from. Succulents these are exceptional plants to consider, and they are used to cover an important area of green roofs. Green roofs can now be anything from a layer of sedum and mosses to plants, shrubs, water features and even golf. The terms extensive and intensive green roofs are based on the plants these systems support and the degree of maintenance they require. In addition, green roofs play a critical role in improving the urban environment by enriching the. Climate clearly plays a major role in choosing the best plants for a green roof. Along with the makeup and depth of the growing medium, selecting the right plants is crucial to the success of a green roof. Green roofs, or vegetated roofs, are an alternative roofing technology in which plant material is established on the rooftop.

Although ecological investigations are limited, their results show improved plant performance and ecological services with diverse green roofs. The plants chosen must be appropriate for the roof typeextensive, intensive, or semiintensive. A comprehensive study of green roof performance from environmental perspective. This book provides an uptodate coverage of green vegetated roof. Download green roof publications including a guide to diy. Network vip subscribers get to download the green roof construction ebook for free. The beauty of green roof plants lies in its concise, clear, and extensive. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers new. Planting green roofs and living walls is a good introduction but youll need to look at other books that provide more detailed case studies. An easy, reliable reference and a practical musthave handbook for all of us in the green roof industry, weathered professionals or novice doityourselfers. Plants for green roofstechnical preservation services.

An evaluation study of plants for use on green roofs chicago. Pdf green roof vegetation for north american ecoregions. Because extensive roofs are lighter than other green roofs, they require a specific type of vegetation. For green roof plants, take a look at the snodgrass book on green roof plants instead. The substrate depth on a green roof influences the plant types. Download green roof and living wall resources and documents. Pdf design guidelines and maintenance manual for green roofs. Here is a list of 10 of the best plants in various categories that you can use. While most of the first extensive green roofs in the us were planted with non native succulent species, mostly sedum species, the plant palette for green roofs in. The book contains photographs and cultural information for more than 200 species and cultivars of plants, including valuable data on moisture needs, heat tolerance, hardiness, bloom color, foliage characteristics, and height. Many common garden plants will not sur vive on a green roof. Those who want to build green roofs, however, have few resources to guide them. As the nations leading supplier of plants for green roof systems since 1998, our accomplished horticulture team has more experience than any other nursery in the united states growing plants for successful green roof projects. Plant lists for green roofs minnesota stormwater manual.

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