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Naim nait 5si high end audio amplifier integrated amp. The situation has been changed only after the company decided to descend on budget within the meaning of naim sector, where compatibility with equipment of other brands is the important condition for success. Amplifier technology has moved on considerably however, and while the nait 5si occupies the same position in the naim range as the original nait, its performance might as well be from a different world. I havent audition the nait xs and primare i30 and has ask some audiophile friend look like they are prefer the primare i30 too. Jul 04, 2009 im purchasing a naim nait 5i ampcd player, and thought i had settled on ma rs6 speakers to go with them. Thanks to its big power transformer, the qute delivers the goods. Naim nait 5si is the latest incarnation of naims popular entrylevel nait 5i, which now features increased power output thanks to a larger toroidal transformer. This particular unit is grade b which means it will have a physical imperfection somewhere on the casework but so far we have been unable to find it. Apr 10, 2012 hi guys, as im a very happy nait 2 owner my third one since 1986 im in the process of finding speaker cables that work well with it other then naim s naca5, and have added both the ldf spiroflex and crimson rm musiclinks and was told that even if the a23s were designed around shindo lab tube amps that they should work fine with solid state amps as well. Source is a pioneer n50 playing mostly lossless flac.

Sep 26, 2014 i have heard though not had the privilege to own a naim product. You can replicate naim nait 5i italic sound by purchasing the harmonic tech speaker cable. The original naim nait 5i, has earned a formidable reputation as a classleading, 50watt integrated amplifier offering outstanding musical performance. Naim nait 5si integrated amplifier 2ndhandhifi used hifi. Most audiophiles that i know have very intense views about naim audio. Amp includes a remote, tape loop, and is fully integrable into a 5channel surround system. No, that is not naim s customer service policy, but that is about as long as it should take to unpack, connect, and begin enjoying naim s replacement for the venerable nait 3 integrated amplifier. One, the music had more punch and was more dynamic. For many audiophiles and music lovers, this company has acquired cult status.

Rated at 50wpc into 8 ohms, four linelevel inputs cd, tuner, tape, av, all four of which have rca sockets and two of which cd and tuner also offer the naim 5pin din connectors. I replaced an arcam integrated with the naim nait 5i 2 and wasnt really expecting too much difference. Bitte um lautsprechervorschlage fur naim nait 5i, kaufberatung. The wave of digital is strong, not because of its sonic quality, but the convenience it offers. A decade on it has been revised for a second time by naim s engineers, and the result is the xs 3 we have on test here. The nait 5i is more than just a great introduction to the naim brand. Ive recently just started to play with my little nait 1 on the main system i bought it for a 2nd system, however for the last few days its outplaced my a21a in my main system. All you need to add is a pair of speakers to create an accessible allinone. This audio component is responsible for boosting the electric current and reproducing the quality of the signal. Here youll find complete support documentation including quick start guides, product manuals and software updates. What types of amps and preamps does naim audio make. Naim audio designs amplifiers and preamps that preserve the fidelity of the sound while reducing unwanted feedback, and you can find new and preowned models on ebay. May 27, 2010 thanks for the information, my budget is only 10k only. Please read all sellers terms to insure a smooth transaction.

Customer support has always been a mainstay of the naim audio philosophy. Theres little or no reason to analyse a track through the nait 5i and the neat motive 1 speakers, because this amplifier appears to do very little. View online or download naim nait 5i amplifier owners manual, manual. In addition, im also putting up the naim gear currently driving these speakers. Naim is one of the grande dame companies of english audio kit, and is especially known for its amplification products. Integrated amplifier introduced for the first time in year 2000.

Decades have passed, but the role of the nait 5si is fundamentally the same as its original forebear. The connectors, on the other hand, drove me crazy, and i was forced to push the nait 3 as far back into my equipment rack as space would permit in order to plug in the connectors securely. Naims power amplifier options include nap s1, nap 500 dr, nap 300 dr, and nap 250 dr. Handleiding, reparatie, update, garantie, reserve onderdelen of spare parts. Ich bitte zum thema um empfehlungen, soweit moglich. It was designed as a step up from the basic nait integrated amp and offered improved sound and greater grunt from a similarly slimline package. Naim home audio amplifiers and preamps for sale ebay.

Its an allinone audio player that acts as a hub for your entire digital music collection, playing tunes locally from usb drives, ipods and external sources. I am using a pair of heybrook heystak loudspeakers. If youre about to start your audiophile adventure with the brand naim, this amp might be the best choice. Dips in the rankings to make way for regas elexr, but still a. Thrillingly confident, widescreen sound makes the 5i a nobrainer when it comes to drawing up your shortlist. Vorhanden sind derzeit ein gunstig erstandener nait 5i, als signalquelle eine. Paying homage to the form factor of the nait 2, the qute outshines its fullsize sibling with a presentation that sounds closer to the topshelf naim gear than the nait 5i amplifier that powers the standardsize uniti. The uniti atom is designed and handbuilt by naim audio, located in salisbury, england. Hi fi home theater san francisco high end electronics av.

Naim nait 5i vs 5i italic audiogon discussion forum. The nait 5si is the highperformance integrated amplifier that you would expect from naim audio. Main source is nonnaim streamer but thats off the table right now despite my advise to do that first. Bearing in mind that i cant audition either of these combinations, are there any major proscons for either when paired with this. Naim nait 5si amplifier sevenoaks sound and vision. I suest tryin tis combination at a local dealers and make your own mind up. Naim supplied me with a 15 pair of their naca 5 speaker cables, and i found them to be an exercise in frustration. Nov 23, 2010 naim naim afficionados usually say 5italic must be better, so if buying in past coupla years, this would be one to buy especially if you felt need to plug something 3. Naim audio nait 5si integrated amplifier specifications. Sounded great in my old place but its sounding a bit crap in my new lounge. Power output is a realworld 60w per channel, up from 50w of the previous model, capable of driving most speakers, even those designs with lower impedance. A lot of people really dislike naim on this site i know. Just in direct from the factory, this is a refurbished nait 5si complete with full 2 year warranty.

The nait 5si is our 60w per channel introduction to highperformance integrated amplification. Naim nait 5i amp with focal 807v speakers 1 youtube. Im looking for an integrated streameramp for my next setup. Most wellheeled audiophiles are well aware of the naim nait, an integrated amp design thats been around for decades in constant revision. Naim audio also offers separate power amplifiers, which provide a high level of power and finesse. I like a warmer balance, sweet top end, extended bass for long listening sessions so would prefer to avoid overly bright, analytical speakers. Im hoping you guys can help my get a shortlist of speakers to try.

I dont have a large room to fill about 4m by 5m with a. Naim uniti lite amp,dac,cd player unitilite takes the feature set of the awardwinning naimuniti, including highresolution music streaming up to 32bit 192khz, cd playback, internet radio and ipod iphone mp3 playback and distils it into an elegant, sleek enclosure. The first thing i noticed was the bass was stronger and tighter even though the power of the amp was less. Its your money and you ave to live wit your equipment and sound. Ive heard the xs3 is a step in the right direction and a bit more foot tapping. Collection only, naim nait 5i 2italic integrated amplifier, boxed in very good condition and full working order. I came across a couple used naim nait 5i2 which ive also never. In this case, i believe that im looking to satisfy the need for small speakers that. Another naim audio amplifier that can claim a common heritage with our classic nait model, the nait 5si will get straight to the heart of your music.

Both units are in excellent condition with original box, manual, din cable, and remote. The most recent nait 5si is the latest iteration of naims fabled entrylevel amplifier bringing enhanced performance and usability over its highly regarded. Popular integrated products include supernait 2, nait xs 2, and nait 5si. Ive never listened through the katans before and havent heard anything about them, so some of my impressions may be due to the speakers.

Nov 18, 2016 with speakers properly positioned, the naim nait 5si and its kin generate a wonderfully wide and deep soundstageclose your eyes and youll imagine the musicians individually positioned, not only from side to side but also, remarkably and magically from back to front, and also from top to bottom. Naim nait 5i italic integrated amplifier with remo. Jan 12, 2015 my current main system is a modern take on the classic system clearaudio turntable with linear tracking tonearm, naim nait 5i integrated amplifier, infinity kappa 200 bookshelf speakers, and naim headline headphone amplifier. Select the naim product you are looking for or choose a different brand. Ill listen through a variety of speakers and a few other components.

Naim nait 5si integrated amplifier tune hifi seattle. The naim nait 5si integrated amplifier combines a four analoginput preamplifier and a 60 watt per channel power amplifier. Nov 11, 2011 a lot of people really dislike naim on this site i know. What would you recommend to go with my newly acquired naim nait xs. Quite likely, as soon as you have bought 5italic, 5 or 6sansserif will be sold. The most affordable from the line integral amplifier nait 5i is made at the typical for this brand high engineering level. Te nait 5i 2 is a maical amp for te money only if you set it up rit wit te rest of your syatem and use te correct speakers cables and plus. Look at pictures as they are part of the description and ask any questions before buying. So the engineering challenge to maximise performance. When i bought my dyn focus 140 at cmy they test it on naim nait 5i the sound is ok but still not the sound i looking for. This would be a good intrauk integrated amp comparison, especially in view of the price of the arcam fmj a19, at almost 12 the price of the naim. A mate with nait 5i keilidhs is looking to upgrade both. The specs on those speakers suggest 50wpc or more at 8 ohm load.

The original nait is one of the most recognisable pieces of hifi equipment ever made. Naim audio nait 5 integrated amplifier by ian white. Im going to make an appointment when it gets closer to the time to buy. I listened to the nait 5i cd5i combo through linn katan speakers. The naim nait acronym for naim audio integrated amplifier is an integrated amplifier from the british hifi manufacturer, naim audio. And if you simply want to learn more about what goes into naim audio products, youll find indepth white papers on naim audio technologies.

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